Towing Company in Williamsburg, VA

Time is important when you are stranded alongside the road. When this happens to you or a loved one, call Bay Rivers Towing for a quick response. Our towing company in Williamsburg, VA, guarantees one of our drivers will arrive for service within 30 minutes. We take your safety seriously.

With more than 10 years of experience, our owner is skilled and knowledgeable about all types of towing services. Our tow truck company transports all makes, models, and years of vehicles. This includes cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as motorcycles and semitrucks. Reach out to us for local or long-distance towing service.

Services Offered by Our Tow Truck Company

Count on us to use only quality equipment in the field. This includes everything from the trucks we drive to the tools we use. Safety and efficiency are important to us. With trucks in good operating condition, our drivers reach you quickly and tow your car without delays. Using tools that are strong and sturdy, we can get our work done without any type of damage.

Of course, we do towing—both local and long-distance—for all types of vehicles. This includes dolly and flatbed towing for vehicles as big as semitrucks and as small as motorcycles. However, our business philosophy of putting our customers first requires us to provide other essential services as well, such as removing junk cars from your property.

Cars Being rowed in Williamsburg, VA

In addition, we provide roadside assistance. Ask one of our drivers to jump-start the dead battery in your car or help you get into your vehicle when the keys are locked inside. Plus, during the winter months, we help customers out with snowplowing service.

Long-Distance Towing on a Flatbed

You may need to have your vehicle towed to another city or state. Perhaps, you are moving and do not want to drive your vintage automobile to your new location hundreds of miles away. It is also possible your car, truck, or SUV requires repairs that cannot be done in town.

Our drivers load your vehicle onto a flatbed trailer and take it to the desired destination. Flatbed towing is recommended for larger vehicles, as well as lengthy road trips. This is because your vehicle rides on a flatbed, rather than being towed with a dolly.

Relocation Towing to Remove Vehicles from Reserved Parking

You are a business owner downtown, where there is very little parking. You need to protect those few parking spaces you have by warning drivers that certain parking spaces are reserved only for your customers. Request our services for relocation towing. We remove cars that disregard parking restrictions.

Contact us today when your vehicle needs towing or roadside assistance. We serve customers in Williamsburg, Toano, and Yorktown, Virginia, as well as James City and York counties.