Motorcycle Towing Service in Williamsburg, VA

That motorcycle you treasure is much different than a car. That is precisely why you drive it. Bay Rivers Towing recognizes the differences in the methods and equipment we use to provide you with motorcycle towing service in Williamsburg, VA. Count on our towing company to move your vehicle safely and affordably.

Your motorcycle may be the vehicle you use to get you where you want to go on a daily basis, or it may be a special ride you reserve for day trips with your buddies. If something goes wrong and you require towing service, our drivers are available for service. In fact, we provide motorcycle towing 24/7 and guarantee an arrival time within 30 minutes.

Motorcycle Towing When Something Goes Wrong on the Road

It is our wish that your driving experiences are always safe and enjoyable. However, we are here when something goes wrong and you need service from our motorcycle tow truck. After all, you cannot carry a full set of tools and tires on the back of your bike.

We have the skill, experience, and equipment to tow all types of motorcycles so they reach their destination in good condition. The owner of our company has been towing bikes for more than 10 years and knows what it takes to do the job right. Rely on us for towing, roadside assistance, and jump starts.

Motorcycle Tow Truck: Three Different Methods

The design of a motorcycle is much different than that of a car, truck, or SUV, requiring its own methods and equipment. There are three ways to tow a motorcycle—using a flatbed, two-wheel towing device, or a towing cradle.

Flatbeds are great for towing because these vehicles offer protection and security for your precious bike. A special flatbed is used that is made to transport bikes. The motorcycle is placed on the flatbed and secured properly. This is a stable and sensible option for towing.

Two-wheel towing is much like using a small flatbed. About half the size of a flatbed, this device allows the driver to roll the bike up the ramp and secure it with locks and straps. This type of towing offers safety and security for your motorcycle.

Using a towing cradle is similar to providing dolly towing. The driver secures your bike by means of a hitch that is attached to the back of the truck. With this method, the front wheel is hoisted in the air to be pulled while the back wheel remains securely on the ground. Rest assured that our drivers use safe methods to ensure your bike is stable while being towed and protected from damage such as scratches and dings.

Contact us today for safe and secure towing for your valued motorcycle. We serve customers in Williamsburg, Toano, and Yorktown, Virginia, as well as James City and York counties.