Flatbed Towing Service in Williamsburg, VA

Provide your vehicle with extra protection by choosing flatbed towing service in Williamsburg, VA. Choose Bay Rivers Towing for service to your larger automobile, SUV, or truck. Our drivers are skilled and experienced in providing flatbed towing that uses no dolly in moving your car to the desired location.

Whether you need dolly or flatbed towing service, count on our company to provide you with superior service. We tow vehicles of all sizes, types, makes, and models. Let us tow your car, truck, semitruck, or motorcycle. Ours is the dependable service to choose for local or long-distance towing. Plus, we guarantee our arrival time, showing up at your location within 30 minutes.


It is the practice of our towing company to put our customers first in all we do. One of the ways we do this is by offering flatbed service. That way, you have a choice of how you would like your vehicle towed. For transporting large vehicles, we recommend flatbed towing.

Flatbed Tow Truck in Williamsburg, VA

You have seen cars being towed down the road with the front end hoisted in the air. This is dolly towing. One of the drivers of our flatbed towing company uses a dolly to lift the front wheels off the ground to transport the vehicle. This type of towing costs less while not adding to the mileage. It is great for most cars, but is not ideal for SUVs or trucks.

Large Flatbed Towing in Williamsburg, VA

Flatbed towing involves placing the vehicle on a flatbed, where it is secured and then moved to a garage or your house. There is no stress placed on your car's power train, as the vehicle's weight is distributed naturally. This type of towing is better for pickup trucks and semis.


Take three key points into consideration when deciding which type of towing is right for your vehicle. One is vehicle size and weight. It is safer to tow large and heavy vehicles on a flatbed, rather than have them hoisted in the air. There is no extra stress placed on the vehicle and no worries about potholes and bumpy roads.

Dolly towing is for cars with front-wheel drive suspension. So, if you own a four-wheel drive vehicle, ask us about flatbed services, rather than dolly service. The design of the vehicle is an important factor when it comes to towing service.

Flatbed towing also is recommended for vintage cars. That roadster you have restored is safer on a flatbed, and you will feel better about the extra security that is offered to such a valued and valuable vehicle. Trust your car, SUV, or truck to our towing service for transport.

Contact us today to tow your SUVs, trucks, and vintage cars using our flatbed service. We serve customers in Williamsburg, Toano, and Yorktown, Virginia, as well as James City and York counties.