Junk Car Removal in Williamsburg, VA

Beautify your yard and the neighborhood while making money with junk car removal in Williamsburg, VA. Call on Bay Rivers Towing for junk car towing. We pay you cash on the spot and remove that eyesore for good. There is no charge for this towing service.

Our full-service towing company is available for service on a 24/7 basis. With more than 10 years of experience, we know how to transport your car safely and efficiently to its new location. Count on our drivers to come to the rescue quickly—we guarantee arrival within 30 minutes.

Junk Car Towing Nets You Cash

That old car has not worked in a long time. It is just sitting there taking up space in your yard. Reach out to us for junk car pickup. When our driver arrives at your house, just show him your vehicle registration. We quote you a price, hand you the cash, and take that clunker away. You never have to see it again.

Rely on our company to give you top dollar for your old car. It can be wrecked or damaged, or even missing parts, but we will still take it. Even when it does not run, the scrap metal and parts can be used again.

Junk Cars in Williamsburg, VA

Protect the Environment with Junk Car Pickup

Do your part for the ecosystem and call our towing company for junk car removal. Even if it does not run or has been in a wreck, there are many parts on your old vehicle that can be recycled and used to repair other vehicles. Your old car contains a great deal of steel that can be reused. This saves money, conserves natural resources, and protects the environment all at the same time.

Besides the metal, the old tires can be reused. These tires go to a plant where they can be turned into crumb rubber for mats and shoes. Another option is to use the old tires as fuel in cement kilns. Have no fear—there are many ways the parts of your old car can be reused.

An Easy Way to Make Some Money

Let us make it profitable and convenient for you to get rid of junk cars. All you have to do is make a phone call. One of our drivers arrives with a tow truck and does all the work. Before he leaves, he hands you cash. Now, that the old clunker is gone and you have space in your yard where grass can grow once again.

Contact today to turn your junk car into cash with free towing from our company. We serve customers in Williamsburg, Toano, and Yorktown, Virginia, as well as James City and York counties.